Holy Cross Epsicopal Church is located in Novi, Michigan and is part of the Diocese of Michigan under the direction of Bishop Wendell Gibbs.   Founded as a Mission in 1957, Holy Cross moved into the current building in December 2004 and attained Parish status in October 2007.  Our Pastor is the Reverend Ann Webber, who assumed leadership of Holy Cross in January of 2010.

We boast a modest-sized congregation of just over 130 members, most from Novi and the adjacent communities.  The Parish is actively involved in community outreach programs which serve a diversity of needs, both locally and in the greater metro area.  Our ministries, service, and stewardship enhance the function of the church and worship services, as well as supporting the needs of our people.  

At Holy Cross we strive to love our neighbors as ourselves, as we are all God’s children.  Belief in the Holy Trinity, Forgiveness, and Salvation are our cornerstones.  This Parish celebrates God’s love as we follow our journey of faith. 

Front of Holy Cross Church w/the Children’s Garden